Private projects

Individuals can also contribute to a sustainable society and cut down on costs by utilizing renewable energy. Essenga specializes in developing made to measure alternative energy systems for electricity, heating and ventilation. We can take care of the design, as well as the project development and the maintenance. Our private projects consist of houses, commercial buildings and office plants.

General electricity solutions

Essenga specializes in general electricity, for either new construction projects or renovation projects. Thanks to years of experience and continuous training we can offer you the most practical solutions when designing your electrical scheme. We can also install professional distribution fuse switchgear, wiring for electric points and light points, and build complete electrical installations.

Home automation

With home automation, a central operating system controls all processes in and around the house: turn on the heating, switching the lights on or off, operating electrical roller blinds,… It is clear that this provides a much more efficient energy consumption. You no longer waste energy by forgetting to switch off the lights or the heating. When travelling, you can also let the system control the lights in the evening, so it will seem as if there is someone at home. Home automation makes your life safer and more comfortable!

Heating systems

Essenga will gladly show you the possible renewable energy options for the heating system or hot water provision of your home: a heat pump combined with floor heating, a solar boiler or a micro combined heat and power system are only a few of the possibilities. We take different factors into account to calculate which energy sources are most suitable for your home: orientation of the building, the measurements of the building, … As we continuously follow up on the regulations and premiums related to these installations, we are able to give you a comprehensive advice.

Ventilation systems

A decent ventilation system provides a continuous air circulation which constantly keeps the humidity level and temperature at a comfortable level in the enclosed room. Also, mechanical ventilation systems will yield a substantial cost reduction in your energy consumption.